Star Ripple III & Slouch & Bobble Hat finished 

I finished the hat on Monday and the blanket on Tuesday (yesterday) and today am in the odd position of not having anything woolly on the go. I did spend ages looking through pattern links I’ve saved, in the notes section on my iphone, and on Ravelry and looked through my favourite makers photos on Instagram, but can’t find anything that grabs me. I think the time has come to stop putting knitting my first pair of socks off. It’s just the thought of all the new stuff to read and try that makes me procrastinate.  But I bought all the kit last year and Trish sent me a copy of Christine Perry’s (aka Winwick Mum) sock book. It’s time isn’t it? 

They’re rather grim photos I know. I had planned lovely outside shots but it’s rained all night. I’m so glad as it hasn’t rained for a long time. Farmers say their seeds are just lying in dust in the fields. A hosepipe ban in many counties lies ahead, and apparently we need two months of solid rain to put enough water back into the water table. I did enjoy this in the sunshine on Sunday though…

I’m soon to finish If You Go Away by Adele Parks, and plan to listen to the last hour of my neglected comedy audio book Toast on Toast by Steven Toast too.  This week it’s all endings isn’t it? 

Actually there’s more… After several frustrating emails to inlinkz, where we were both typing the same language, but it seemed only one of us actually read what the other had written, it was finally stated (admitted?) that inlinkz is not compatible with WordPress. I was offered a refund. So, we’re back to no proper link up on a Wednesday. However please feel free to add a link to your Yarn Along / Yarning Along post here in the comments and I’ll add it to my post. We can still share what we’re making and reading every week.

1: Simply Summer Street

2: Vikki Bird Designs

3: Made by Patch

4: The Eclectic Stitch

26 thoughts on “Star Ripple III & Slouch & Bobble Hat finished 

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  2. Hi Rachel, so frustrating that the link thing isn’t working. But well done on getting so much finished. I’m hoping that my post next week looks like that as it feels like it’s been ages since I finished anything that I can actually share.
    Here’s my link for this week:
    And you’re right. After You wasn’t anything like as good as Me Before You. But I think I liked it. It certainly made me think in places.

    • It has been frustrating, but I am glad to finally have it confirmed that it’s an issue with WP. I wasn’t sure if it was me missing something code-wise.
      Thank you, the items were very close though and I hadn’t sped along with making either. I’m looking forward to your next ta-dah post!
      Glad you agreed about Me Before You, I would have been surprised if you’d said anything other, but you never know…

  3. What a great blanket finish. I hope your farmers get the water they need soon. The beanie is terrific; it’s a neat design. I’m sure there is some other Link up you can use? That is one frustrating thing about WP; I remember not being able to link the Bloglovin’ icon to my sidebar. Maybe poking around to other blogs will help? I have had absolutely no mojo to knit this week. I’ve been slowly getting some in today and yesterday.

    • Thank you.
      I’ve been looking around at others, but as long as I can add links manually it’s ok for an alternative for now.
      I think it’s ok to lose crafty mojo. Sometimes it’s just good to take a step back and concentrate on other things. I read more at those times I think.

  4. I’ve tried knitting socks a couple of times.. I just can’t seem to do it. DPNs are not my friend. Although I did buy a book on knitting two socks at a time so maybe I should give that a go…

    • Jen are you aware of Winwick Mum and her blog (and sock knitting book though you don’t need it as all you need is on her blog)? Many, many peeps took part in her sock-along successfully. Socks started appearing everywhere afterwards. Maybe we can do a mini one together?

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