Grey days 

After this morning’s election result from America the thought of crochet, an audio book and lots of cups of tea is rather comforting. What disquieting news…

I took my Unnamed Ripple to the pub on Monday night but had to undo a row after the 4-4-2-2 stitch count was off on the previous row. You’d think trebles in a simple combination would be fine, wouldn’t you? Apparently not when there’s chatting, listening to another’s stories, plus cider involved! I might need to start knitting a garter stitch thingy on a Knit and Natter night. Any suggestions? 

My current audio book is The Unknown Bridesmaid by Margaret Forster. It’s the story of Julia, a child psychologist who treats young girls said to be behaving badly. One day her own troubled past creeps into her present life and she must try to understand her childhood self. I had a phase of reading books by this author, some ten or fifteen years ago. I’m glad to come back to her writing. I remember it as perceptive, intelligent and with interesting themes.

If you’re a new follower I’d like to say a warm and smiley “Hellooo”to you. I’ve had a flurry of notifications here and from BlogLovin’ since the Summer. This is lovely and a bit surprising since it’s felt like my blog has just been slowly ticking along.

I’m joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along again.  

21 thoughts on “Grey days 

  1. I always get a warm and comforting feeling when I read your blog.
    Thank’s for the book tip too. I like to read every evening ( as I also like to crochet every day ).
    Your blanket is coming along fine, I find the colours very warm and pretty.
    ps: Perhaps you can crochet little squares of dc’s on Monday night :-) haha, or elsewhere leave out the cider ;-)
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

  2. For a garter stitch project you could take a look at Smooth Move – I made one over the Christmas break last year and really enjoyed the knit. Just watch out for the yarn quantities – I think I needed more of the 3rd ‘main’ colour 😉

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