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Today we had a magnificent lunch at The Crooked Billet, Newton Longville, Bucks. I was tempted to photograph all of our four courses but decided to restrain myself and just took the puds. But oh! the food, combined with speedy but unobtrusive service in an oldy woldy village pub. Gorgeous. I highly recommend you visit if you’re able.

I’d be wondering what it was you ate at this point, so if there’s anyone really nosy like me:

  • Pan Fried Scallops, Chimney Smoked Crispy Bacon, Deep Fried Shallots, Pea Puree
  • Duck Breast, Duck Sausage, Crisp Confit Duck Leg, Fried Duck Egg & Pan Fried Duck Liver, Spinach & Quince, Potatoes & Onions en Cocotte
  • Warm Carrot Cake, Orange & Carrot Puree, Butter Icing

Oh mama the food was good. The other three had completely different choices, so between us all we sampled a fair part of the menu.
The text above the fire reads: ‘Wine is the visible proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.’ Amen to that.



The fantastic cheese selection.  The one oozing all over the slate is a Corsican cheese, it was herby and delicious. That was the eater’s overall favourite from his choice of six.



This hasn’t completely morphed into a food porn blog, so here’s the craft bit…

After lunch we waddled to our cars and popped to Threads and Patches in Fenny Stratford.  The Jammy Dodger was warned by one familiar with the shop that the guys might prefer to chill in a nearby canal side pub, but he came in and ended up talking about, what I call, boy-craft with the owner. It’s actually a good suggestion he made; if craft shops sold fly fishing materials they would see an increase in male shoppers.  Do you remember when he reused my yarn scraps? 

He’s caught 9 rainbow trout in the last week. Family and friends, plus one of the neighbours are very happy. The village shop-keeper has set up a bartering system with the JD:  a trout for a very good quality, expensive artisan loaf of sour dough. Suits me.

After watching all 4 episodes of The Great British Sewing Bee I’m resolved to refresh my dress-making skills. Just look at all this fabric, it’s a tiny taste of what T&P sell…


Preety.20130424-185225.jpgThe spotty section.20130424-185232.jpg20130424-185219.jpg

I could see myself in a skirt made of the second fabric. Anyone fancy offering free sewing lessons in return for homemade cakes, scones or bread?!


20130424-185248.jpgThere’s an upstairs room with a selection of yarn and haberdashery, plus a few light and airy rooms used for workshops. The above is for two bloggers with whom I’ve been exchanging some *!?*^&%$ type messages about a forthcoming ‘thing’. I can’t even bring myself to link to it because we might start a little rant on the comments form below! I also don’t want to alienate the p-p lovers amongst you. *Pressing lips tightly together*.

There’s also a small yarn shop in Fenny Stratford which I  naturally needed to dive into briefly. The JD waited outside to the amusement of the mechanic next door who shouted; “Your missus in the wool shop is she???!” He ought to set up a beer stand, he’d make a fortune!

How’s your week going? Talk to me.

21 thoughts on “Food & Fabric

  1. Yay to the sewing!!! Would love free cake but couldn’t offer sewing lessons because I’m no expert. Boo to the p-ps!!! Fancy ruining a nice yarn display with them.

  2. What a lovely lunch Rachel – I love scallops and that is one big cheese board – another of my weaknesses. I find it a bit dangerous to go shopping after being out for lunch with J as we usually throw care to the wind and ‘go for it’, but, in a craft or yarn shop – well- that’s not dangerous, that’s just common sense. I can just hear that mechanic calling out those words. Love it! Joy x

  3. YUMMEE lunch, and what a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Bargain fat quarters. Loved the Sewing Bee- think I shall have to brave scary new sewing machine again.
    I am having another manic week.Decorator is doing our sitting room- chaos everywhere- books in heaps everywhere- nowhere to sit- have taken to bed in the evenings. Meantime started new job on Tuesday which I only applied for on Sunday, interview Monday! Part time only! Can’t find my crochet hook……………!

  4. Hmm that food looks delicious.. I would like to learn how to use a sewing machine properly. I am starting a new course in the very near future which will drain all my crochet time away..:S We’ll see how much I can get done before I start with the Princes Trust.

  5. Love the restaurant. Maybe I should suggest we go there some time I am staying at my daughter’s (Aylesbury). Skirts are fairly straightforward to make and the material you mention looks easy to work with. Trouble is you need someone local to start you off. I’d like to make myself some fancy patterned trousers for the summer if I was feeling brave enough to wear them.

  6. Could murder some fantastic pub grub, that place looks fabulous! I haven’t been able to get the sewing bee through my computer here in the US, maybe luckily, as I am busy making a few quilts and really shouldnt start anything else!

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