6 Good Things

How’s the second week of January been for you? Here it’s been mostly very, very grey and white skies, no sunshine or brightness at all. Quite hard going. Everyone I’ve spoken to lately seems to be struggling a bit post-Christmas sparkles. But what I’ve noticed is when we do get the occasional bright day, loads of people have also swarmed outside. I’ve tried to move more. Yesterday that included half an hour of hoovering; it counts, it’s still movement!

I’ve fancied some crunchy salads. This was tinned mackerel with a homemade honey and lemon dressing and pumpkin seeds sprinkled over the top.

And I’ve made a spicy chickpea sauce, with chunky slices of red onion and leek, crushed garlic, tinned and fresh tomatoes, a little veg stock, smoked paprika and red chilli flakes to liven it up. I cooked some cod fillets on top of the first half and served it with green veg. The rest I turned into a mushroom curry, cooking off some spice paste first, then adding the chickpea sauce, some sliced chestnut mushrooms and jarred peppers snipped into strips. We ate that last night with roasted cauliflower and Brussels sprouts sprinkled with salt and pepper. Yum.

I’m quite into the idea of two different meals out of one. Last week I made a spaghetti Bolognese and turned the other half of the sauce into a lasagne on Saturday. Do you do this one into two thing? Shall we share some ideas which might be useful inspo for meal planning?

Yesterday I added more to my Sleep Under the Stars blanket. The pattern link can be found here.

Here’s when I started this blanket. I can’t believe it’s nearly 2 years ago…

And here’s when I (prematurely) decided it was finished. That was more about my hand pain than anything else I think. Now I’m on a mission to make it bigger, slowly slowly, and then I *think* I have a cunning plan for it. This is the year of finishing things I’ve started in the last 3 or 4 years. Sure I said that last year too, but I’ve got my determined chin on, can you tell?!

So relaxing to sit and crochet while I listened to the rest of Blackberry & Wild Rose by Sonia Velton. It was a good story and I liked the two narrators. Crochet or knitting with an audio book or podcast are such a winning combination. Deeply relaxing.

Still reading the Crawdads book, I haven’t picked up the Mudlarks this week. I’ve been reading more of Tim Spector’s The Diet Myth. It’s fascinating. What are you reading?

And some cheery blue sky and sunny pictures from my walk on Wednesday.

See the frost on the grass?
Icy along the edges

It was a bracingly cold morning, but once I got warmed up I ended up tying my jacket around my waist, because I was glowing! Others trudged past wearing all the woollies and looking quite chilled. I walked just over 5 miles and treated myself to a slice of very delicious Victoria sponge for lunch! I know, I know…!

I appreciated some small kindnesses this week: B. saving me a seat at an event we were both going to and giving me a strip of raffle tickets she’d bought me. A. messaging to say there’s a new series of Vera on TV. (She does every time and for new eps of Shetland. So kind, always needed too since I’ve usually missed the ads for them.) And there was something else, but I’ve forgotten. D’oh!

Let’s call this post 6 good things? 1. Blue skies 2. Getting outside 3. Crochet 4. Books 5. Cooking 6. Kindness

What about your week? How’s it been? Do you want to list some of the good things?

8 thoughts on “6 Good Things

  1. Good things for my week included:
    Blue skies – so nice to see and makes everything feel better
    The first signs of new growth in the garden and in my local park – Spring is coming
    Finally entering the world of Podcasts, and being blown away by some of the things I’ve listened to!
    Self Care Sunday – meal prep, crochet, music and films – perfect relaxation time!
    Your lovely blog post, always cheerful and inspiring, and now I’m going to check I have all the ingredients for mushroom curry because it sounds amazing 🙂

  2. Six good things 😊1 New post from Littte Room of Rachell
    2 The weather is gorgeous (sorry) no need for air con
    3 The cricket (sorry again 🤣🤣)
    4 Australian Open starts Monday
    5 Still some Christmas cake left
    6 The fam coming for lunch Sunday

    The news can be rather grim but it is lovely to think of 6 good things . Thanks for the prompt.

    Best wishes

  3. Six good things? Okay, challenge accepted:
    1. a slightly cooler day today with a gentle breeze (I’m in SA, remember, it’s been F for hot lately);
    2. Good progress being made with garden and house maintenance issues (they’ve been weighing heavily on my mind);
    3. Just enjoyed a lovely long weekend in Pringle Bay, which included a walk up the mountain (ok, admittedly more of a hill, but still) and making some great new friends;
    4. an invitation to participate in a new market venture based on recent instagram
    posts – I’m quite flattered;
    5. a clean bill of health on sweet Choccie, my 22-year-old cat;
    6. some clarity achieved on some personal matters – a load off my mind.

  4. Ha, found this post, no idea where it vanished, I googled it. Six good things
    1 More or less over Covid
    2 My fruit Grove is underway.
    3 Dave the computer is sorting my computer issues
    4 Cancelled New Years lunch at my son’s was rearranged and enjoyed, especially the cuddle with Baby P
    5 Third time lucky I hope on Friday with my hair appointment.
    6 Wordle
    Love your pictures from your walk. Recognised where they were taken!

    • Great list. Glad you’re mostly over Covid now.
      Must try Wordle! Have heard lots about it.
      If you follow on Bloglovin’ you get an email with new post alerts. I really like it and am now far more up to date with reading my favourites than I used to be when I didn’t have the email notifications.

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