Trying to be patient

It’s now week four of no crafting. I feel so frustrated at not being able to sit quietly to focus on making something for a few minutes. I didn’t realise how often I do that when I’m at a loose end, or when I feel I need a spot of calming or relaxed activity. I’m also missing my social crafting time, as it’s pointless really to go to a knit group and just sit. It’s genuinely surprised me how truly unproductive I feel too. I’ve crocheted (knit, sewed and generally fiddled around with new crafts) for years now. It’s a habit that’s been hard to consciously break. It’s only one aspect of life I know, and hardly a life or death situation, but as regular crocheters or knitters know it’s an important part of day to day life, for all sorts of reasons. The other thing is that after losing my mojo a little, I was suddenly raring to make all the things.

I did try this bit yesterday, adding in the grape, and the few stitches you can see was all I’d done when I knew I should stop. I did some more hoping magic might happen and it would be fine. I tried holding the yarn at another angle and very loosely, but it didn’t make any difference. It occurred to me to try to work through the discomfort, but bearing in mind someone who did the same and ended up with much more of an issue, I stopped. It’s not worth a permanent injury.

It is all caused by too much knitting, which although I do like, I now term ‘the devil’s work’. Doing crochet in all these years never caused issues particularly. I think I just forgot my own pacing strategy, where I usually don’t overdo knitting and I stop, or change to another type of project. I got carried away with the sock, then picked up my chunky lace knitting and it was too much for my yarn hand.

Anyway, I have an appointment with a GP on Wednesday and I’ll put arrangements in place for some private physio appointments. I hope I can return to crochet soon.

Wish me luck for a complete recovery please. Or send me ideas for alternative yarn holds …..between my toes? Over my shoulder and wrapped around my neck? Train a cat or dog to help?!

Ah well, back to my excellent book. Reading is good too.

How are you doing? All is well in your world I hope?

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along (although it’s more reading and no yarning for me this time.)

33 thoughts on “Trying to be patient

  1. Here’s a couple of things you could do for your wrist. First you should ice it three times a day for twenty minutes at a time. Either an ice pack or block of ice . Then you should be wrapping it; especially if you want to crochet or knit, but for the first few days it should remain wrapped except when you ice it and when you’re sleeping. You can wrap it with an ACE wrap by wrapping around your wrist and over and through the space between your thumb and first finger. That will provide support and rest for your wrist. Or here in the USA we have a brand call Futuro wraps that you can get from a drug store. And you can either get one that just wraps around your wrist or one that goes around your wrist and has a piece that goes over and through the space between your thumb and first finger. Here’s an example from Amazon: . Hope that helps :)

    • Thank you for your suggestions, it’s very kind of you but I’m going to wait for a professional opinion. I’ve an ice pack for short periods (have to be carful with these btw as you can damage the nerve endings leaving on too long) and rested it. I won’t knit or crochet again until I’ve seen my GP and a physio. Self diagnosis is not a good idea – especially given my friend’s experience. Thanks though.

  2. I agree that reading is good to take your mind off the pain. I do think you should go to your meetings. I’m sure your friends would understand and be glad to see you.

  3. Here’s sending you wishes for a speedy recovery. Could you try a little cross stitch to still be doing something creative? And take it to your knitting group. Is that allowed? My group is a craft one, so anything goes!

    • It wouldn’t be possible as holding the work would be with my right. I’ll just continue to sigh a bit and read a lot.
      Oh I’m sure I could turn up, but I think it would feel a bit miserable and slightly dull to be there and the only one not crafting. I’ll spend that time with the non-crafty types instead. Thanks for your good wishes Jane. I hope you’re doing well.

  4. I am sending love and sympathy, I was in this position about 5 years ago with a tendon problem and I wasn’t able to crochet much for over a month. It made me feel very low and worthless I have to say, even though I am gifted with a positive outlook, I missed my hooky time very very much. I am sending out some healing vibes for you, I really hope you mend quickly and find your balance again. Much love xx

    • Thank you Lucy, I’m sorry you also had problems but am really encouraged that you made a full recovery. So many blankets since! It does linger at the back of your mind that you might have to pack up everything and give up…. xx

  5. Have you a sewing machine, can you sew something instead? Or take an online course in something- try Future Learn, they are free. Or Junk journalling- lots on You Tube. Good luck with the GP.

  6. So sorry to hear your hand still hasn’t healed, I agree though that it certainly isn’t worth a permanent injury by straining it. I have an unusual way of holding a crochet hook, actually it might hurt you less. Is your email address here, so I can send you a vid? I promise I don’t spam! Get well soon xx

  7. Hmmm…. what can you do with just one hand??? Ahhhh ha… hold a glass! Crack out the alcohol and sit in the sun…. call it medicinal! Sending positive healing thoughts. ;)

  8. Man oh man, sorry to hear your yarn hand is so bad. But it will heal, and physio will definitely help. You are really doing the best thing you can by resting it. Am racking my brains to think of something to occupy your good hand in the meantime…

  9. Good luck with your GP appointment tomorrow! I asked a friend who is a physiotherapist and she says rehab should help but it can take 2-6 months of more relaxed regime (=with no strain on the hand, I suppose). Which is a long time but it may be good to know that a month with no improvement is nothing unusual. Hope this is not too frustrating to hear! (Plus, there is a big difference between 2 and 6.)

  10. It’s so annoying when this happens, crocheting affects my left shoulder, arm and hand badly I know I have to stop as soon as it starts to ache, knitting doesn’t affect me though. I’m left handed so I’m trying to learn to crochet holding the hook in my right hand but it’s so hard to do it the opposite way to what you’ve learned, maybe I will master it because you learn to be quite ambidextrous when you’re left handed,. You have to in a right handed world, hope you have a speedy recovery.

  11. I am so sorry to hear about your hand problems. You are wise to get a professional opinion. One thing that has helped me enormously is a tool developed my my Pilates instructor (she’s also a trained occupational therapist). Maybe once you get the problem diagnosed, your docs could tell you whether something like this would be helpful:

    Best wishes for a full return to your health!

  12. Sorry to hear you’re still in pain. One thing that might be worth considering is Portuguese knitting – you can tension the yarn either round the back of your neck, or around a special pin and it’s meant to be good for people with arthritis and the like. Otherwise, stick to resting it, getting some physio and professional help and hope that it starts to improve.

    Good that the new Jojo Moyes is good, I’m going to treat myself to it next time I need to buy something for my Kindle.

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