Taking Stock – April

Making : nothing still as my hand is very sore, it’s my right and I can’t even crochet; because holding yarn makes it sore too. So zero making and it’s not good. I’m surprised at how much I feel at a loose end.

Cooking: Baked Haddock with chorizo and tomatoes. Put wedges of lemon, some diced chorizo and cherry tomatoes into a tin and bake in a hot (200 degrees) oven for 10 minutes. Pour over a splash of white wine (I used mirin) and add haddock (or cod) fillets, season with freshly ground black pepper. Cover and cook for about 10 minutes, or until the fish is done. Delicious with new potatoes and a green salad.

Drinking: don’t ask……nothing except water and jasmine tea. I feel iffy this morning.

Reading: I finished Miss Treadway and the Field of Stars by Miranda Emmerson this week, it’s a good read.The National Herb Centre

Wanting: a cooked breakfast.

Looking: a little rough around the edges!

A corkscrew hazel, what a great looking tree.

Playing: I just finished listening to The Girl With all the Gifts by M.R Carey this morning. A 5* audio book.

Deciding: to move very soon; into clothes and a fully upright position.

Wishing: I had just said “No, thank you” to more drinks.

Enjoying: seeing bluebells appearing in woodland.

Waiting: to feel a bit sparkier.

Liking: The Girl with all the Gifts, I’m going to think more about it today; always a sign of an interesting and provocative book.

Loving: M&S Butter Mints.

Upton House and Gardens, NT

Pondering: the themes of those two books: what it is to be human and identity.

Considering: my next audio book.

Buying: a new pasta bowl. I dropped one and five doesn’t work!

Watching: The BBC’s The Woman in White.

Hoping: they haven’t changed it too much, as I only read the book last year.

Marvelling: at the cool temps after a week of ‘summer’.

Needing: something to eat.

Questioning: why we think we’re hilarious when drunk.

Smelling: perfume.

Wearing: scruffs.

Following: The Vegetarian Society for some new recipes.

Noticing: tiny lambkins in the fields around.

Knowing: it’s going to rain on and off all day.

Thinking: this is a cosy Saturday, yes, doing no craft feels like wasted time, but its better to rest and get better.

Admiring: all the Fairisle knitting on Instagram, I like spotting the current trends in knitting and crochet.I tried a bit of crochet one day this week, but decided it’s not a good idea if it causes discomfort.

Sorting: photos online.

Getting: an easier way to import them, by a happy accident.

Bookmarking: recipes for next week.

Coveting: longer finger nails.

Disliking: the way nail varnish looks good for roughly only 6 minutes.

Opening: last year’s varnishes and finding they’re now glue.

Giggling: at Grace and Frankie still, an episode every now and then is the way to watch.

Feeling: spoilt for choice with Freeview, The BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Prime.

Snacking: on raw carrots, as always.

Helping: people needing some encouragement and a little positivity.

Hearing: a little bit of traffic noise.

Mixing: nothing today, drinks last night….

Worrying: about the usual stuff.

Slicing: an onion a day for most dinners, what would we do with an onion shortage?!

Celebrating: birthdays

Forgetting: nothing important, so far.

Winning: £2:90 on the lottery Friday.

Pretending: it’s time for breakfast (at 12:36.)

Sneaking: no sneaking.

Embracing: the special ones.

Taking Stock list from Pip’s marvellous Meet me at Mike’s if you fancy writing one too.

Have a good weekend all! (I feel better post-breakfast.)

15 thoughts on “Taking Stock – April

  1. Really glad you enjoyed “The Girl with All the Gifts”. I really enjoyed it to. Loved the different perspective. Tempted to read it again now… But I am finishing Wuthering Heights (again) and have a canal based book lined up for next.

    • I watched the film trailer and turned it off straight away. I’m going to stick with the book! It’s too different and won’t convey the other side of the story well enough I reckon.
      Did you know there’s another book? I’m going to get the audio version as I loved Finty Williams narration. (Dame Judi’s daughter.)
      What’s your canal boat based book (tongue twister!)?

      • I didn’t know there was another book!!! Will add it to the list. Book is better than film – as always – but film’s not bad. It didn’t look like the pictures in my head though, I had to struggle past that. Canal book is called “The Waterways Girls” by Milly Adams. I saw it on Amazon a while ago but it was expensive so added it to my wishlist, then spotted that it had gone down in price because a sequel had come out. It’s a wartime story.

        • The hate the way the Miss J is now white and the little girl with the white blonde hair and blue eyes is now black. Why can a black actor not be given the other lead role?! Not for me at all. It also just looked like another Hollywood Zombie film…
          I’m pretty excited about the next book too.

  2. Hope your hand is feeling better soon – and you’re feeling more perky too! Lovely pictures, positively spring-like. The fish recipe sounds lovely :)

  3. Love your photos, as usual!! (The little bird is precious!) And… did you say “bluebells”?! About 2 weeks ago I went through photos of them on the Internet, it’s like taking antidepressant. Will you please add a picture of them if you take any? This is one of my dreams: to go to England exactly when the woods are full of bluebells, to walk in one of those woods among the bluebell carpets, feeling like a fairy in that magical place.
    Hope your hand is gradually getting better.

  4. Some lovely images, my favourite is the twisted Hazel. Please take care of your hand, it’s got to be worth waiting until it is recovered before restarting your crafting, my full sympathy have had a similar problem I do appreciate how frustrating it is.

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