Taking Stock – March

Making : Triple chocolate brownies (yum!)

Cooking : Thai pork noodles

Drinking : tonic water with ice still as it’s Dry Lent (I always stop on Easter Sunday)

Reading: Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty

Wanting: a variegated yarn cake

Looking: at this gorgeous Hitchhiker in Lion Brand Mandala: Centaur

Playing: The Girl with all the Gifts by M.R Carey – audio book

Deciding: to allow myself to buy a yarn cake – even though I’m stash busting still

Wishing: my elbow was titanium – though it’s better after the rest

Enjoying: 15 minute dramatised episodes of The Old Curiosity Shop on the BBC radio iplayer

Waiting: for two, or more, sunny consecutive days

Liking: my new iPhone

Wondering: what we’ll do in London later


Scilla – so pretty

Waterperry Gardens

The long border will be full to bursting in the summer. I love this old wall in any season.

Loving: The Marvellous Mrs Maisel on Amazon Prime – the first 2 anyway

Pondering: buying more jeans

Considering: ?

Buying: toothbrushes

Watching: Shetland – the latest series was brilliant

Hoping: for a dry day today

Marvelling: at the amount of chocolate sold absolutely everywhere this year

Cringing: that my MiL and I have both bought the same egg for Someone! (And laughing too, it is amazing as there are SO many to choose from…!)

Needing: more rubber needle ends

Questioning: why was I wide awake at 0610?!

Smelling: fresh air

The Easter bunny?!

Wearing: none of your business!

Following: blogs I’ve read for years now

Noticing: how you get a nice feeling seeing photos of the same places, people and pets

Knowing: the alarm will go off shortly

Thinking: this is in the nick of time – it’s 31/3!

Admiring: daffodils all along the verges around here

Sorting: to-do lists – tick, tick, tick

Getting: longer nails

Bookmarking: recipes in my Itsu 20 minute suppers library book

Coveting: chocolate!

Disliking: eating too much chocolate

Opening: tomorrow – chocolate!

Giggling: at Tony Blackburn on R2

Feeling: pleased my cowl is nearly finished

Snacking: it’s 0630 – so on nothing

Hearing: birdsong

Worrying: I’ll be sleepy again by 0800

Slicing: brownies for dessert, yesterday

Celebrating: Easter with family

Forgetting: what? There’s bound to be something

Winning: the lottery? Will check last night’s ticket after this…

Pretending: I’m going to portion out Easter chocolate till August

Sneaking: it will be chocolate won’t it?!

Embracing: family, this weekend

If you fancy writing your own Taking Stock list you can find a blank list on Pip’s Meet me at Mike’s blog.


18 thoughts on “Taking Stock – March

  1. I read “The girl with all the gifts” and loved it. Have you seen the movie? And get a yarn cake!…. Do a shawl…. You’ll be hooked!! Any good yarn shops in Aberdeen???

    • That’s good to know. It’s creepy and gross at the mo, but I’m intrigued.
      I want to make something I’ll wear and I’m not sure a triangular shawl is it – I’ll have a look around at patterns.
      Not that I’ve come across before …

    • Hello Chloe, Stylecraft Special DK always for blankets as it’s affordable, washes and tumble dries well. It’s good to crochet and knit with too, most importantly!
      Always a wool blend for scarves, hats or mitts – anything I’d give to wear or make for myself. I dislike wearing pure acrylic. I love Tosca Light by Lang for scarves and cowls as it’s light, soft and warm to wear. But it’s not great for lace knitting as it’s very tricky to undo! The fluffy wool fibres act like velcro!
      What are you making at the moment?

  2. I really enjoyed your photos… and how funny about the same egg you and your MiL bought! :)
    The one good thing about being awake at 6:10 is hearing the birdsong, isn’t it?
    Hope you soon get more sunny days in a row!

  3. Have you got the recipe for those brownies? (There is no one in my family that doesn’t like a brownie, especially my grandma and Dad!)

  4. I checked out the website of Waterperry Gardens. Fascinating!! Do you often go there? They look like the sort of place you can visit at any time of the year and always find something beautiful…

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