The Hitchhiker & a house full of flowers

Finally it’s finished. Finally. No more Hitchhiking. After noticing that freaky extra row of stitches heading up for the light on Christmas Eve, when I thought all it needed was darning, it’s taken a while to knit the two thirds I unravelled. Repeating the same thing can be so disheartening can’t it, even when it’s very easy plain knitting. Still, it’s done. I wrapped it in Christmas paper and gave it to Mum yesterday. The yarn is Tosca Light by Lang and sapphire shade. Here’s the pattern on Ravelry.

What’s with all the flowers? Are you opening a florists Rachel? Well no, I am not, although I always had the idea I’d enjoy that job. My image of the work was having lots of cups of tea and coffee, listening to the radio all day and singing along as I arranged pretty bouquets, chatting to smiley people. The reality is probably very, very early starts, drafty cold rooms which suit the blooms, lots of standing so legs covered with varicose veins and grumpy customers who don’t want to chat, hear the music blaring, or my singing!

We had family here for Sunday lunch last weekend and they brought that lovely bunch of narcissi, which have made the whole kitchen smell beautiful all week, and two bunches of irises. I tend to sit next to the table with the vase of irises and have often found myself staring at them, the blue is stunning isn’t it? The huge Spring bouquet was delivered on Wednesday as a Valentines Day surprise. That’s very fragrant too, hyacinth is one of my favourite scents this time of year. The ice bucket is the best size for the size and height of the bunch! It’s unconventional, but kind of cool. There were still so many flowers that I took some out to place around other rooms. The plumber came on Thursday and apparently he visibly clocked all the vases. I wonder if he had bought any for his wife? It would be funny if he was feeling bad for forgetting, or being nagged to death for not bothering, and then came to this home filled with them.

The Spring flowers have really opened out over the last few days, which is why I’ve included the gin photo, taken for a few friends last night. Nine friends actually, but that story doesn’t show my will-power in such a great light. Though my friends are stars…So, we will skirt over that shall we?

As I was about to come to write here I just heard a loud knock on the door and the tulips were delivered! Oh, aren’t they lovely? I’m wondering about giving them to someone special, as vase availability is now reaching a critical level and I’m almost overwhelmed with beauty right now.

Now I have my crochet moss stitch patchwork blanket to work on, the garter stitch blanket (long term pub knit night knitting) and ‘that’ sock which I must either unravel, or complete. I could do with a friend to sit with and knit alongside as it’s my first. It would probably gee me up and give me some sock knitting confidence. I’m lazy too, I have to admit that ploughing my way through the book or online tutorial isn’t as appealing as someone nice instructing me. Also, I saw a cowl in Loop, Islington in London last year which is still haunting me. I fancy trying something new and exciting. This stomps all over my recent assertion that I prefer to only have one knit and one crochet project on the go. We’re allowed to be inconsistent, aren’t we?

Have you just finished something? Struggling with lack of know-how and/or laziness with something?

Hey, thank you to those of you who answered my: making, listening, reading, watching, cooking questions last week. I love that, there’s nothing better than a two-way street.

Hello to my latest new readers too, I’m waving a tulip at you!

15 thoughts on “The Hitchhiker & a house full of flowers

  1. Humph ! I should like a tulip waved at me too please. I love the smell of a florist shop but far too cold for me, as is the butchers, but I never wanted to work in a butchers shop, cold and smelly and dead things.
    Anyway nice flowers, I have some roses, red ones here, and a little pot with tete a tete daffodils, a blue hyacynth and a primrose, the latter I bought for me.
    I have two knitting projects on the go which is not like me at all. And a crochet project and a good book to read, a Joanna Trollope, so what shall I do this afternoon?

  2. I must admit I giggled at your comments about sock knitting. Last year I started a pair and finished the first sock, but didn’t get around to starting the other until a couple of weeks ago.The motivation? Stylecraft’s new Head over Heels Boho in Amazon. The fascination of watching the patterns form as you knit keeps you going. Now I have my eye on another shade so will have to get this pair finished first. Only one more sock to go! Lol!

  3. Congrats on the hitchhiker finish! I have one on the needles that hasn’t received a stitch in literally years. I hope your Mum loves it. You must be one much loved wife to get so many flowers. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Beautiful flowers and a lovely shawl. I found your blog while checking my emails for info about a patchwork class I was hoping to join. I didn’t hear about the class, which sadly was today , but I did enjoy reading your blog. I’ve just started a hitchhiker shawl In Stylecraft dk and I am loving it. It’s my second , I love this pattern and hope my daughter loves it as much as I do when I give it to her. Thank you for sharing your flowers with us.

  5. What beautiful spring flowers. I love the smell of hyacinths. The hitchhiker looks stunning. Well done for persevering with redoing the part you fogged.. I hadn’t realised you’d needed to frog quite so much. I’ve just crocheted my first sock and will hopefully start on the second tomorrow! Good luck with yours

    • Yes, it shrank back to tiny…it was pretty grim. Someone took to calling it ‘the cursed scarf’ and so I was concerned there would be another mystery issue again at the end.
      I should crochet socks, Vicki Brown has designed some great looking pairs. First I need to finish my first knitted sock, or officially abandon it.

      • I do hope you find someone to work through the sock work you. I’m on a crochet retreat this weekend and it’s been so lovely to have people to ask about bits of patterns I’m not sure of, instead of spending ages trying to figure it out myself. Is there a local knit and natter group anywhere near you you could take it to? It would be a shame to abandon it

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