The little black cat with the powder puff tail 

I’ve knit some more of the washcloth I started last week. Doesn’t the stitch definition look fabulous with the cotton? On Thursday morning I did some train knitting, surrounded by suits, laptops and newspapers. I will not be intimidated. I shall craft. 

And look! I’ve darned 3 1/2 ends in the Wave Blanket. I meant to do 10 last night; but had to put it down to concentrate on Who Do You Think You Are. It was Ruby Wax and her family’s story was making my eyes brim (then I kept gasping.) Maybe I’ll do 16 1/2 ends later to make up for it. 

I’ve felt better about adding parchment into my garter stitch blanket. It does look better than I imagined, with the blended yarns. Thanks for the reassurance Vikki. Last night I restricted myself to six rows only so as to keep my elbow happy. It’s hard to put something you’re enjoying down, isn’t it?

This is my third and last, for a while, zippy bag which I made at Sewing Club on Monday night. Next week I’m trying something different. I’m a bit slack on the prep and lack confidence about what to make. I’d prefer it if the tutor came with all we needed, did a tutorial and we went off to make it. Lazy aren’t I?! But it’s like Knit & Crochet Groups where you take whatever you want to make. (Though she does do a quick tutorial for various things which you can try at home. This week it was lacy knickers! We naughty ones sniggered seeing how tiny medium was and decided we’d just get a multi-pack from M&S!) Shelly sits across from me and is a machine. She always sits right down and starts sewing what she’s prepped beforehand. No faff, or excess chatter until she’s made a start. She’s sewn so many different items this term that I tease her about her work ethic, while feeling fairly rubbish about mine. She’s only little and wears quite high heeled stompy boots. When I said about wanting to try something new next week but not sure what, she marched across to my table and wrote in my notebook saying very firmly: “Bring four pieces of material cut to these sizes. It’s easier than what you’ve been making tonight. Just do it!” O.M.G. Right then. I’m far to scared not to do it!

Mum’s dahlias. Perfection.

Well here he is – that little cat I mentioned a few weeks ago. And oh, you did make me laugh. Occasionally I’ll write that I’ve got a bad cold, a real stinker, or that my elbow is sore. Once I remember reporting that I got out of bed and fell over as my knee had gone kaput. I don’t remember many comments about any of these, but I casually end a Yarning Along post with ‘I must dash, as I’ve got to take a little black cat with a powder puff tail to the vets’ and you’d think I’d said the sky had fallen down! The comments, private messages, both sympathetic and worried, really amused me! He was only going for a dab of this and a tablet of that. He’s young and is in very fine fettle, but I realised I’d worried the cat ladies! (But thanks for all the sympathy when I’m poorly, no really you’re just so caring.) So I took his photo for you because as I walked into Mum’s garden yesterday, to photograph the dahlias I saw him sitting under the apple tree. He was next to the shed where she was potting up hyacinth and tulip bulbs. Maybe he was being a guard cat?

This week I’m reading Ruby Wax Sane New World on my Kindle, which is why I particularly wanted to see her episode of WDYTYA. It’s interesting learning about mindfulness. And I’m also listening to the rest of the  Alan Bennett plays. I feel I might need to hear A Question of Attribution again. I was marching around the countryside when I heard it and think I missed some of the nuance. 

Do you listen to audio books or prefer podcasts? What are you watching on TV at the mo?

Yarning Along

If you’d like to share what you’re making and reading every Wednesday too, leave a link to your post in the comments. Don’t forget to link back to this post on your blog, and use #yarningalong on social media, so others can find us and join us in Yarning Along. 

Yarning Along = yarny stuff you’re making and what you’re reading (‘a good yarn’) but let’s not get too bogged down…if you’re reading mags, gardening or recipe books that counts, as does sewing, jewellery making or whatever. Just tell us about what you are making and reading.

20 thoughts on “The little black cat with the powder puff tail 

  1. Hi Rachel, the blanket looks great. I’m so glad you persevered. Sometimes the first couple of rows don’t tell you all that much about how the whole thing will look.

    You sewing evening lady sounds intimidating! Hopefully she’ll teach you to make something amazing! Do you have any idea what it might be?

    I’m definitely a podcast listener rather than an audiobook listener – audiobooks require my full attention, podcasts are easier to dip in and out of.

    Here’s my post for this week:

    • I’m not that easily scared though woe betide me if I turn up with uncut fabric!
      I listen to iPlayer radio programmes – comedy and favourite DJs whose show I’ve missed during the week – but haven’t ever really got into regular podcasts. Which do you follow?

      • Mostly Radio 4 comedies, and the science and maths programmes – The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry is excellent. And The Archers, which is utterly uncool! I also watch a lot of knitting podcasts – Stranded is a good one to start with.

  2. I usually listen to audiobooks while I knit here. Sometimes podcasts, something I’m terribly behind upon. I have all these shows put on my Netflix list but haven’t started watching them yet.

  3. I’m loving the colours of the garter stitch blanket. And haha. It’s great when someone sorts of your indecisivness for you! I’m looking forward to seeing what it is she’s telling you to make!

  4. The blanket is looking lovely. I normally listen to books if I’m on the move, it’s quite rare that I will listen to a book at home as normally I will have the telly on and be watching something on sky or box setting in on Netflix.

    I have just discovered though that The kindle app and audible now link in with each other and you can read the book as well as listen to it, which I think is a really good idea.

    Here’s the link to my yarning along post

    • I sort of did that the other week, with my audio book and library copy of the same. I didn’t want the narrator’s voice all the time and so read a bit at night and returned to it when out. It was easy but I wouldn’t do it all the time unless the ebook and audio book were the same price for both!

      I’m pleased you’re joining in again Jen. I’ll go and have a read and see what you’re up to now.

      • I’m the same as I don’t like paying for the same book twice. I don’t remover buying under the dome, which is why I had it on my audible account but I must have done at some point for it to be in my kindle. Must remember to check what books I have already really, I seem to be getting duplicates at the moment.

        I’m going to try and join in more often. I’m rubbish at writing regularly! I’m also only really working on one project at the moment and I don’t think people really need to read about the same blanket for months and months on end! Haha!

        • Have you got the GoodReads app? I use it ALL THE TIME to check. I checked a book yesterday before I took it out of the library. It’s so easy to not remember if it’s one you’ve read already. The books you’ve bought but not read you could group onto a ‘shelf’ or add to your ‘want to read’ section.

          How about making something small alongside the blanket? Have a little on the go make you can do when you’re out etc and then you’ve always got another thing to show. If it’s really small you’ll find you’ve got a new thing every week. (But only if you genuinely need the things, or have a good home for them. It’s pointless otherwise for the sake of a blog post!)

          • Yeah I have the good reads app. I should really put all the books on there… I have a whole bookcase of books to read.. Tesco’s 2 for £7 is my downfall!!

            Once I’ve done the captain America blanket I’ll probably have a few things on the go again. But for now I need to get it finished as I’ve got a nephew ready and waiting for it and he has been waiting for over a year (bad auntie!) haha!

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