Yarning Along: a bit of this and that 

It’s definitely cooler and the urge to make lots of stuff has returned. This feeling is definitely seasonal. Although I crocheted my Wave Blanket during the summer,  I didn’t feel that I wanted to do it every day. Now I’ve gone back to wanting to craft every day and am suggesting meet ups with crafty friends.

Mine you I needed to stop crocheting last night when I was watching Strike. When he hit someone with his prosthetic leg, I had to put my pot holder down and concentrate! Have you been watching? It completely passed me by in the summer and so I’ve just watched the first three episodes on catch up. Strike is responsible for my biting my nails off last night. For the first time since last July, when I had a competition with my nine year old niece to see who could stop biting and grow the longest ‘white bits’. Drat! Now I don’t have fingers, I have stumps. And they hurt. I’d forgotten that happens. If you see me with my fingers anywhere near my mouth, you have permission to HIT ME. (Not too hard.)

So, this week I’ve been making: another pot holder just because it’s great cotton to crochet. I think a pair might be handy for taking things out of the oven, or maybe I’ll give this one to someone. A little zipped bag which I started at sewing club on Monday night.  I wrote about sewing club here. Looking at the pic, I just realised that pattern matching probably means the flowers should start in the same place after the zip, on both sides? I’m such a novice sewer. It was exciting enough that I managed to sew along a zip semi-straight, with a zip foot! Lastly, I was at Knit and Sip last week and decided it’s time to finish my Wave Blanket. Actually one of them said it’s plenty big enough for a two year old to snuggle under, which is what I wanted. I didn’t want to make a tiny baby blanket, as they grow so quickly and then it’s redundant. I’ve got to crochet one last finishing row, darn the ends then do a border. Then we wait for baby Winnie to appear. I think she’s due next month.

I started The Night Book at the weekend. I haven’t got terribly far into it, as I’m also reading the last few chapters of that Laurie Lee. Yes, the one I’ve mentioned for the last three weeks. I’m not entirely sure about The Night Book; I find myself cringing whenever Richard Madeley mentions sex or the main character getting naked. It’s not me, it’s Madeley. If you know who he is, you might understand?

What are you making? Is your book making you laugh, or cringe? Can you sew?

If you’d like to share what you’re making and reading every Wednesday too, leave a link to your post in the comments. Don’t forget to link back to this post on your blog, and use #yarningalong on social media, so others can find us and join us in Yarning Along.

14 thoughts on “Yarning Along: a bit of this and that 

  1. Oh, how neat you have sewing club! None of my girlfriends craft which is why I’m mostly solo here. I haven’t sewn for a few months. I hope to get back on that soon. I’m still in the tote bag phase of beginning sewing. I’m totally into a fantasy series and have been reading them installment after installment. I have two more to go. I laugh reading each one.

  2. That’s good your blanket is getting longer and big enough for a toddler to enjoy. I like the pattern on fabric for the bag you are sewing, it is so pretty. I am reading a book that makes me laugh more than cringe :) The book I read last month, Into the Water made me cringe, but was excellent! I haven’t sewed anything before just fixing things here and there, but I haven’t made anything before. It looks fun though. Here is my link for the week! https://needlesandwool.blogspot.ca/2017/09/fall-craft-show-knitting-progress-and.html

  3. I struggle to read and crochet at the same time. I am reading the night manager very slowly…..but with two under 4’s running around it is hard to squeeze it in. I cannot put the crochet down right now!! I am finishing up a c2c Christmas blanket then have another to finish and other presents to start……squeee……..Christmas.

  4. I haven’t read any Richard Madeley at all, perhaps I should. I had hoped to join in with this challenge, but sadly time has not allowed – I’m struggling to keep on top of everything at the moment. I am however, in snatched moments, reading Daughters of the Dragon by William Andrews which is utterly gripping. I’m also into the last few rows of my Little Box of Crochet Jenny’s Mandala 😊

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