Wandering around 

On Monday morning I found myself wondering around my new home with a semi-dried bunch of chillies trying to find the best place to hang them. I soon realised this if this carried on much longer nothing else was going to get done! In the end I tied them onto the light cord of a lamp and got on with the heavy work of unpacking the kitchen. I didn’t stop for a sit down all day and then had to go and do some cleaning at the other house. One of my new birthday bottles of gin was opened at the end of the day… This one. It’s a goodie. 

Yesterday I’ve never been so glad to have had a long-standing appointment at the hairdressers, as I could sit down and not move for 1 1/2 hours. It was bliss and my back and aching shoulders thanked me. 

Now I’m trying for a better pace and keep reminding myself that not every box has to be opened in the first few days. I do need to search for a vase for these lovely flowers that have been delivered. Where on earth are they?  

As you see, I’m using the same book photo as last week; I haven’t touched my crochet. In fact it’s still in the boot of my car, but I’m halfway through reading Dear Lupin and it’s made me laugh out loud, many times. It’s a lovely book. 
What about you: have you been making much? Reading much? Wondering around trying to hang up a bunch of anything?!

If you’d like to share what you’re making and reading every Wednesday too, leave a link in the comments. Don’t forget to link back to this post on your blog, and use #yarningalong on social media, so others can find us and join us in Yarning Along.

19 thoughts on “Wandering around 

  1. I just finished Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and now I’m onto Little Vampire Women. I suspect this one would be funnier if I knew Little Women better and could tell what had been changed to make it into a vampire story, but it’s still a fun read :)

    • Hello! The removers put them all into the right rooms and I’m tackling them each from there. Some are easy peasy; machines in their boxes, or wrapped in towels ready to lift out etc. Others are trickier …such as the box of plastic boxes and bottles. Where to put them?

      If still in boxes 5 years later do a charity shop run. You can’t miss any of it, unless photos etc I guess.
      I read that, I’ll tell you my thoughts when you’ve finished. Thanks for joining in again.

      • Some of the stuff that’s been away for five years is sentimental stuff that isn’t safe in the hands of small children, so not stuff I want to get rid of. But in amongst the precious stuff is all sorts of other junk! And our library is in desperate need of a deep clean – there are books there that neither me or my husband are every going to read.

  2. Just processed the lovely idea of #yarningalong properly, and since my blog is sadly languishing in the wake of our house move a year ago, this may be the spur that’s needed. Thank you!

  3. I adore the colours of this blanket and wondered if you could list them so I can have a bash at one myself? Many thanks for sharing your beautiful work and inspiring us.

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