A long weekend away

We’ve been away again for a long weekend in Lincolnshire, which included a night’s stay in Lincoln. After walking around admiring the cathedral, pictured above, we had an interesting audio tour at the Medieval Bishops’ Palace (have a free year of membership of English Heritage, hurray!) A drink in Widow Cullen’s Well pub after all the walking, including up Steep Hill and exploring the old part of the city, was definitely restorative. That evening we had what turned out to be a mega dinner at Ribs ‘n’ Bibs. The beef ribs were gooood, but we couldn’t finish our food. A plateful for one, would actually be plenty to share.

I also got another fix of the seaside, albeit courtesy of the North sea. It is not, it has to be said, as pretty as the Atlantic sea which surrounds West Cornwall, but it is good to walk along to Sutton. I certainly felt I needed to walk at least 5 miles! We walked 8 by the end of the day.

 If you grew up with traditional English bucket and spade holidays, like I did, then Mablethorpe is your place for an enjoyable day out. I doubt it’s altered since the 1970s. There is a small fairground, arcades, cafes, ice cream stands, rock and sweet shops, souvenir shops and donkey rides on the beach. We’ve been popping there for years now and it doesn’t seem to have changed in a single way. Did you spot a Mum being buried in the sand?!img_3470 My cousin hosts several BBQs from early summer to mid-autumn for family and different groups of friends. We try to go to one, or maybe two, each year. They’re always good fun, with everybody mucking in. The informal rule is that every time you go to and from the cottage, across the tiny lane to her field, you take something. I have to admit that the (huge) glass of champagne I had on arrival went straight to my head, so the only thing I initially managed to take across was another glass of champagne! But if this was hash-tag land I’d probably be typing #winwin.

As far as stereotypes go the men conformed and ruled the two barbecues, there’s always one for meat and the other strictly for veggie foods. I grabbed my chance to cook, when someone left their post to top up their glass of red. I enjoyed flipping a batch of home-made halloumi burgers. (Recipe here, but made with some grated carrot, not heaps and no courgette as we found before that it’s too ‘wet’.) Apart from that I did a lot of chatting, took some photos and nibbled delicious food. That was all fine by me!



I’ve had a week’s self-imposed ban of no crochet or knitting, to rest my elbow. It flared up in irritation at all the long rows of knitting I’ve been doing. I’ve tried a few rows of both knitting and crochet and it’s a feeling bit sore again. It’s definitely the knitting, as crochet has never really affected it. I’ll concentrate on finishing the Wave Blanket, then go back to the Garter Stitch Blanket and see how it goes. It’s not the end of the world if I just add a row or two a week. Or every other week. As you know, I started it to use up odd balls of DK yarn, and to have an easy project for pub knitting with the girls. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to finish. It’s a shame though as I have enjoyed adding to it and blending the colours.

My library books this week couldn’t be more different; Sweet Temptation was total fluff, but quite enjoyable. It tells the stories of three women who are overweight and become friends through joining ‘Fatbusters’. Ahem…I’ve glossed over the homeward bound visit to Melton Mowbray, home of Pork Pies and Stilton Cheese, but I’m back on lots of fruit and salad now! Vinegar Girl will be my next read; it’s a retelling of The Taming of the Shrew. It’s ages since I read an Anne Tyler novel.

What have you been eating? Do you use your local library? Have you seen the sea lately?
If you’d like to share what you’re making and reading every Wednesday too, leave a link in the comments. Don’t forget to link back to this post on your blog, and use #yarningalong on social media, so others can find us and join us in Yarning Along.



18 thoughts on “A long weekend away

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a good week. Those fish and chips look divine (I am envious – the fish and chips near us are not great). I’m looking forward to a few days near the sea very soon!

    I think I’ve read that Lucy Diamond book, standard chick-lit, but enjoyable all the same. Here’s my post for this week – I’ve picked up something you read a few weeks ago! http://www.vikkibirddesigns.com/2017/07/yarning-along-round-and-round-we-go.html

    • They were very good, the only thing is that like so many chippys now they watered down the vinegar, or it was poor quality. I have wondered about keeping a bottle of malt vinegar in the car for seaside trips! It’s the only time I really have them and it’s not the same if you can only taste the salt…

      Ooh, I’m wondering what you’re reading, I’ll pop over and check out your post.

      • I’m weird and don’t like vinegar on chips, even though I love vinegar, as it makes the chips soggy. Maybe I should carry vinegar powder round with me!

  2. Wow, that snapshot of the city was fabulous! I would love to visit that place. That fish and chips looks off the charts yummy. I’m reading “Secrets in Summer” by Nancy Thayer.. light reading set on Nantucket Island. I’ve had a could crab salads of late. It’s been a month since I’ve been to the Pacific Ocean. Alas, I don’t use the library, I buy books on my iPad. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I like Anne Tyler, will need to check out Vinegar Girl. I really like the sound of that :)
    That’s a truckload of ribs and mielies, my friend, which I could eat right now!!! You always manage to take good pics of food – something which most people, including myself, get very wrong.
    Mablethorpe? you make it sound a bit like Blackpool in the time I grew up there – you know, in the olden days! Donkeys on the beach indeed….

  4. I use my local library a lot whether for audio books to listen to on the road to work or my local knit/crochet/general fiber goodness group meets up. I’m currently reading a historical book about the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts (USA) 1692. It is called The Witches: Suspicion, Betrayal, and Hysteria in 1692 Salem by Stacy Schiff. I usually find historical books very dry but this one is easily keeping my attention due to the fact that instead of using long, drawn out quotes, they just use a bit of quotes with normal sentences. I love reading what you are working on in your neck of the woods and enjoy opening my inbox to see what’s new.

  5. I’m doing some catching up in preparation to writing a Yarning Along post…. Your cousin’s barbecues always look awesome… how do I get on the guest list??? Your books sound good too this week… nothing wrong with some “fluff” from time to time and I haven’t read that one. I’m off to read the burger recipe now (loooooove halloumi).

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