I’m in my happy place

When my friend Gill messages me to find out where I am in London, sometimes I’ll just reply: “I’m in my happy place.” Then she knows where to come and find me immediately. I really enjoy a good mooch around the haberdashery department of John Lewis, Oxford Street, London. I’m often not the only one spending time waiting for a friend, or just having a really really good look around. I think the staff are used to it as well, they’re very laid-back. 

It’s not a huge area, but is full of really, really good quality wool (there’s not a huge amount of acrylic yarn going on here.) I have to admit my spending is mostly confined to a few balls of this and that. I’ve never had a major splurge; probably because I’m always going out and about from there and don’t want to carry a big bag of wool around with me. Plus I haven’t won the lottery yet…

This time I really fell in love with Martin Storey’s Folk Cowl. I actually started gathering some of the Rowan tweed DK I’d need but realised at £7:95 per ball it was going to be a really expensive little make. Drat! I think I’d neeed to find an alternative brand, though the Rowan colours are absolutely perfect. 

Do you think I can try that thing radio DJs do when it’s something like National Pie Week and they throw out masses of hints about wanting to try some? In result they get sent freebies to the radio station… Yes? Anyone want me to test knit this Folk Cowl pattern with these Rowan colours? Do you want my address? I’m really happy to do it for you, that’s the kind of lady I am.

I’m planning to blog every day in May, this is day two and I’m only slightly regretting my decision!

19 thoughts on “I’m in my happy place

  1. Brave to try posting every day! but this was interesting. Haven’t been to John Lewis in London for a long time. The one in Southampton seems to keep cutting back on what they sell in the yarn/haberdashery section.

  2. Thanks for joining in with my ridiculous posting every day in May plan!

    I’m a huge fan of department stores in general and haberdashery departments in particular. I’ve not been to John Lewis in London in ages (all my London friends have grown up and moved to the country…), but loved it last time I went.

    You could try a cheaper wool DK. The look won’t be quite the same, but Drops have lots of options, and I’ve been using Patons Merino DK a lot recently and love it. Both are worth a look!

  3. I did a three month paid work experience in John Lewis haberdashery in Cambridge. It was bliss and I learned such a lot, especially about customer relationships. No wonder its a happy place for you.

  4. I vote for you to knit that wonderful fair isle cowl! And I’m so happy that you can comment on my blog now! I didn’t change anything, maybe Blogger fixed a problem? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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