Star ripple II


This second 12 pointed star ripple baby blanket (or lap blanket as it kept my legs nicely warm, while I sewed) took me just a few days to crochet. Then at least a week to darn! There were more exciting things to go onto; with a new Hitchhiker scarf in progress and the Spice of Life CAL last week. But I made myself finish as I loathehaving unfinished tasks hanging over my head. All the pattern details etc can be found in the blog post I wrote after finishing the first.

The yarn colours in this one are Stylecraft Special DK: lime, raspberry, pale rose and parchment.

Oh my goodness I feel poorly today! I’ve come down with a stinking cold. They knock you for six, don’t they? It’s so long since I had one this bad. I’ve really appreciated mugs of peppermint tea, easy knitting and this week’s Downton to cheer me up this afternoon.

12 thoughts on “Star ripple II

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous my friend. I have been home yesterday and today again with this horrible cold and now I think the flu ( I’m at the Drs office today). Hopefully we both will feel better soon. Thank goodness for knitting and tea, ah ?

  2. Your blanket colours look really nice. I’ve finished my first star blanket and have a plan for a second but I have a cross stitch to finish before I start it.
    Hope you feel better soon. I thought I’d gotten away with not having my daughters colds then I felt a scratchy throat start – grr

  3. Hope you are better soon. I love your blanket. Remembering the cal you organised I finally gave my cottage garden blanket to my granddaughter. Turns out the whole family love it!

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