A little walk

I wanted to test out my knee yesterday, I can’t tell you how cabin fevery I got resting it all last week. So we set off to look at the work of local artisans. Just a little stroll, gently does it, if it felt ok we might slowly wander to the next village too… 

                               The sun was out, it was lovely and warm. I love to feel the sun on my face as I walk, well who doesn’t? Cow parsley, buttercups and bluebells are in full bloom, plus who can resist stopping for a little chat with skittish calves, oohing and ahhing over lazy lambs and watching birds effortlessly soaring overhead?

We walked 9 miles, with a pit stop at a lovely country pub for a pint of lager shandy and bag of crisps. This was really not the plan! Luckily my knee is pretty ok. It was a lovely, lovely ‘stroll’ ! 

Have you had a good weekend?

9 thoughts on “A little walk

  1. I thought as I worked my way down the pictures that it was more than a ‘little stroll’. If you can walk 9 miles that seems a good sign. Makes me think I must start planning some walks. I strolled just a few minutes to a nearby park today and am planning a post later in the week.

  2. You were brave to go so far on your first walk! I’m so happy that you did well and the knee isn’t giving you problems. Gorgeous things you saw.. my fave is the furry little calves. Yay to you for improving! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. That sky is amazing. It’s perfect. I’m sorry, I must have missed it about your knee somewhere.
    We has another productive weekend of painting. The color we used is up on the blog if you’re curious.

  4. Wow – 9 miles is a good walk. Beautiful photos – I get cabin-fever too, you just need to get out sometimes.
    Caz xx

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