Springtime at Cliveden 

                It continues to be a gorgeous sunny warm Spring here in the South of England. Walking at Cliveden (6.5 miles, now pretty much a breeze apart from really steep bits!) in beautiful sun, seeing abundant wild bluebells and primroses feels like such a treat. You need to catch bluebells while they bloom; it never feels as if they are around for long. I’m sure we usually go to the bluebell woods of my childhood in May, everything seems earlier this year. 

Here are some photos from Cliveden last Summer if you’re interested in comparing the planting of the parterre then and now. 

What’s the weather like where you are?

8 thoughts on “Springtime at Cliveden 

  1. Those bluebells are early! So pretty
    I bet they smelt divine. Must be the lovely hot weather. Am impressed with the length of your walk! We did 4 miles amble on Saturday. Tiny bit up hill. Nice photos. We never went to Clivedon. Good to see what we missed. Have a good weekend.

    • 7 miles on Wednesday. 😊 Love walking, always have but didn’t have a pedometer so didn’t realise how far I was going! Now I’m a miles bore.
      Actually they didn’t seem to smell much but my hay fever definitely responded !
      And you both too.

  2. Beautiful pics, they really capture the essence of your spring-y-ness. Weather here? Sun shining, 24 degrees, gentle breeze, truly perfect autumn day. Squirrels laying down their little nut hoards in my garden for the coming winter. I can hear them rustling and digging as I sit at my desk….

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