Cosy crocheting


Because I’m fed up of having a really fluffy patch of carpet near my sofa I’ve come up with a cunning plan and fetched something from the kitchen for my ball of yarn. It’s a very stylish yarn bowl, don’t you agree? It’s working well and actually the ball unravels with ease, without constant tugging.

I shall have to get back on to my very good bloggy friend Trish of Made By Patch and see if her father is going to make me a super wooden yarn bowl like he made her. You’d think a lottery winner could buy anything she wanted wouldn’t you?

So, I finished Brian the v stitch scarf / cowl the other day (I had just 7″ left to do in the top pic) and decided to continue something which would keep me as toasty as possible while I hooked. As I sit writing this in the gloom, at 430pm, I realise that it’s never really become light today, it’s Britain’s infamous iron sky.
Still, there was porridge for breakfast, homemade butternut and sweet potato soup with crispy bacon pieces sprinkled on top. I may push the boat out and have a low cal chocolate coconut drink next. Comfort food and drinks along with cosy crochet are the benefits of autumn.

Are you warm or chilly? What is keeping you cosy?

I won £25 on the lottery Saturday night. Woo hoo!

15 thoughts on “Cosy crocheting

  1. Haha congrats on your win! it’s all worth having :) Lovely crochet projects, I’ve also given up on waiting for the sun today, rather than warm or chilly I’m plain old soggy after the heavens opened on my way home. Good old England :)

  2. Well, I think that being creative is part if who you are my der Rachel and with that being said using the bowl was a wonderful creative idea … I think I will try it sometime. I live te colors in yr blanket and so, so happy you win the lottery … It does not really matter how much, but the feeling you won something is so happy :)
    Have a great weekend my dear friend .

    • Well I feel like we did have a fab summer and so am not complaining exactly as it’s proper autumn weather for this time of year, but I did meet a friend at the pub tonight and leapt over puddles because my boot has a holey sole….so I am a little bit!

  3. 20°C, blue sky and sun in Berlin – at least yesterday. Grey sky, heavy clouds, and rain this morning but still not cold. Last night we’ve had squash nonetheless. Can’t get enough of fall’s comfort food.

  4. Can’t believe I missed that not so subtle hint lol!!! I may send Grandad Patch the link to this blog post if that’s ok? Just so he can realise how coveted they are ;)

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